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Epoxy Information

AZ  Epoxy Countertops will create your dream kitchen; Your kitchen countertops are one of the largest surfaces in the entire space, and that gives them tremendous weight when it comes to how your kitchen looks. High-quality countertops can make a kitchen shine and stand out as beautiful while aging, worn, or damaged countertops can bring the entire look of the room down. AZ Epoxy Countertops can transform your countertops into magnificent, eye-catching works of art that are completely customized to your preferences with our epoxy coating services. ​AZ Epoxy Countertops has been producing some of the finest custom kitchen countertops in the area for a number of years. We have completed numerous projects, including a variety of styles, colors, and design patterns. Our goal is to bring your vision for your kitchen to life and create the counters that you have always dreamed of.​Want to learn more about epoxy coating your kitchen countertops? Call AZ Epoxy Countertops at (480) 630-6707 today!Why Choose an Epoxy Coating?Why choose epoxy to update your countertops? Why not go with a more traditional new countertop, such as a highly-desirable natural stone option, a synthetic material, or even a concrete option that’s growing in popularity? While your countertop choice is a deeply personal one, you might find that epoxy coating your already-existing counters may be a more desirable option than you may have initially thought.Benefits of installing epoxy countertops include:

Durability: (click for a durability video)

Epoxy coatings are much stronger than traditional particle board, MDF, or veneer-coated countertops. This means they sustain less wear and tear and keep their beauty even longer.

Modern styles: Updating your kitchen with epoxy allows you to add modern, updated styles to your kitchen as well as timeless, classic beauty. Epoxy can emulate natural stone materials or give you the ability to create new and unique art.

Lower cost:

Natural stone countertops are tremendously expensive and may even require new cabinets designed to withstand their immense weight. Epoxy is much lighter and can emulate the look of natural stone without the price tag.


Epoxy is naturally bacteria-resistant. Unlike tiles and other materials, epoxy is not porous and has no grout lines for bacteria to breed in.

Epoxy also gives you the ability to completely customize your kitchen. Can’t find natural stone in the color you like? Epoxy can perfectly match whatever color you’d like and can even emulate the texture or designs that natural stone contain. That means you can even simulate inclusions, veins, and other tiny details that nature can create.​How Durable Are Epoxy Countertops?Epoxy resin is very strong and durable, and holds up extremely well against both moisture and chemicals. It also does not scratch easily, allowing its glossy finish to maintain beauty without much maintenance for years to come. Epoxy countertops are also resistant to heat and will easily last ten years or more with proper care. ​How Much Do Epoxy Countertops Cost?The price of professional epoxy countertops will vary depending on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the job. Generally, the price you pay will include labor costs, materials and any other associated fees. If you are looking for a more customized design, such as an intricate pattern or color inlay, the cost can increase significantly. Additionally, you may have to factor in the cost of edging pieces and installation hardware. When budgeting for your epoxy countertop project, it is important to factor in all costs associated with the installation.At AZ Epoxy Countertops, we strive to provide our customers with a clear estimate during our consultations. ​Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation!​Epoxy is an incredibly versatile and durable material that can be used in a variety of different applications. Its incredible hardness and durability makes it great for surfaces that see a lot of use, while its ability to take on a variety of pigments and dyes makes it capable of transforming into virtually any color. In fact, its flexibility even makes it a tremendous choice for resurfacing an aging, stained, or outdated bathroom sink. Whether you’re looking to brighten it up to a like-new shine or you’re looking for a bold and radical choice, we can make your sink look and feel exactly the way you want. ​Why epoxy-coat your bathroom’s most important surfaces?

And thanks to its synthetic nature, epoxy is also far more affordable than a number of natural stone options and coating is typically more affordable than completely replacing fixtures. In fact, recoating your sink and countertops and replacing your faucet with one that matches your chosen style can make your bathroom unrecognizable from the space it was previously!​​Find out how we can transform your bathroom into an eye-catching work of art! Contact AZ Epoxy Countertops today to get started.​

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